An initiative to foster open-source software in proton therapy
Accelerate research together
Proton therapy is a promising solution to cancer treatment due to its superior irradiation accuracy. Bringing together field research from all around the world is the path to follow in building powerful software tools that are relevant in the clinics. To accelerate collaborative research we are committed to support, co-develop and freely share clinically pertinent technology.

Proton therapy can underperform when inter-fraction anatomical changes occur. Today, OpenPATh promotes open-source research software for adaptive proton therapy as the answer to this challenge. OpenPATh is a win-win solution to everyone involved: oncologists, physicists, researchers, students and industrial actors.
OpenPATh is providing an interface with:
...and will soon be able to provide the following:
  • Adaptive automation server
  • MCsquare: fast Monte Carlo engine
  • MIROpt: robust plan optimization
More interfacing to follow in OpenPATh:
  • Pre-treatment (4D) QA
  • Post-treatment QA
  • Decision support tools
  • Range verification
  • Plan online adaptation
  • Range real-time monitoring