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Cancer Treatment
Proton Adaptive Therapy (PATh)
Today only 1% of Radiation Therapy (RT) patients have access to Proton Therapy (PT) while studies estimate that more than 20% of them could benefit from proton therapy.
Proton Adaptive Therapy (PATh) will be key in giving PT access to those 20% of RT patients.
Leading the PATh is an open collaborative platform to improve cancer treatment. In PATh, you share experiences, develop best practices and sharpen your knowledge of both PT methods and tools, all with the aim of improving cancer treatment and patient care.
If you believe in Together, Faster & Smarter open innovation, join PATh!
Through OpenPATh, you can access open-source research software and its related algorithms for Proton Adaptive Therapy (PATh). OpenPATh helps to optimize treatment efficiency, patient comfort and infrastructure usage.  It is a win-win solution for everyone involved: oncologists, physicists, researchers, students and industrial actors.
Through open discussions, you can exchange views and opinions on the opportunities and challenges of Proton Adaptive Therapy.
You can initiate discussions, comment on previous posts, exchange articles, audio and video recordings, as well as share prototype ideas. By participating in this way, you will become true PATh leaders!
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